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Your steering wheel in color

These new wheel bars, with their larger section and specially designed shape, are much more comfortable on the hand than aluminum or stainless steel bars, even when covered with leather.

Two to three times lighter than a traditional model, Nautex composite wheel bars use the same technology as carbon bars – a one-piece, non-bonding piece for maximum strength and an anodized aluminum hub built into the mold. With the use of a composite of fiberglass / epoxy, the bar is only 20% heavier than a carbon model … for a price, it is much lighter !

Another advantage is the reduction in the inertia of the steering system – especially when there are two. An obvious bonus for the autopilot, which will tire less.

You can also choose the color of bar that will harmonize best with your boat, like Bruno Troublé who opted for red on his Farr 56.