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Simplicity and reliability characterize the new Alphalock modular hooks

A moving part and a module that work like the old Block Lock or In-Mast Lock systems but a common locking ball is now used in the new system. The Alphalock modular series is the only automatic system sized to accept any size halyard with or without locking balls. Alphalock modular hooks are versatile and have applications in different places on the boat such as locking jibs including furling systems.

The best halyard hooks

The new Modular Hook Series, a new tripline-free automatic halyard lock based on the original Alphalocks, was successfully introduced in 2018. This new concept combines both the locking and mast locks of the original series into one product.

The new modular series of hooks follows Alphalock’s relentless pursuit of uncompromising simplicity: “The new Alphalock modular series is the simplest yet, characterized by reliability and ease of maintenance,” says Eric Hall, founder and president of Alphalock.

All-titanium construction

With the exception of the aluminum mast plate, all modular components are made of strong, lightweight, damage-resistant titanium.


The new series uses the patented twist-lock flipper system, but instead of opposing gear flippers, it has only one flipper. For maintenance remove four screws to open the lock, repair it and close it again. All in just over a minute.

Universal locking ball

Most locking systems today use a long peg for external locking and a shorter ball for internal applications. All Alphalock hooks use a single, compact, lightweight, polished titanium bullet.

Attractive prices

At less than half the price of the original Alphalocks, the modular hooks are now competitively priced.