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To climb alone at the top of the mast

The famous “Mastclimber” proposed by Nautex is well known to solo sailors, this system includes 2 jammers, 1 double pedal and a chair allowing you to hoist yourself at the head of the mast.
The jammers are positioned on a post halyard fixed on the deck and stretched. Held in place by a safety pin with ball locking, they lock under the action of your weight.

On one of the jammers is attached the double pedal, one foot on each side of the halyard. On the other is attached the chair. We stand on the pedals while sliding the chair jammer as high as possible, we sit down and then hoist the pedal jammer as far as possible, repeating until the desired goal!

The rigid caulking chair is very comfortable, with a harness for the thighs, a wide lumbar support and a strap to encircle the mast and be able to work hands-free in complete safety. At the top of the mast, the judicious placement of a carabiner allows you to work comfortably. In addition, the storage bag of the set constitutes a spacious tool bag to help you in your maintenance operations.

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