Tides Marine sailtrack by Nautex

Tides Marine by Nautex

Hoisting your mainsail very easily and above all lowering it at the very moment that you ease the halyard … this is now possible with the Tides Marine mainsail sailtrack !

Since its introduction to the market over 25 years ago by Tides Marine in the USA, this system has proven itself with thousands of units installed around the world.

This system is distinguished from its competitors because it is custom-made from a single flexible piece of PTFE with very high friction quality, it comes to slip into the throat of your mast from the bridge without the need to do the ascent of the spar.

Delivered with its stainless steel slides, it further advantage the mast sail, adapts to all types of sails (full-batten or semi-battened), requires no maintenance and above all lowers the center of gravity with its weight 500 g / m.

In addition to its ease of installation and maintenance, this one-piece sailtrack eliminates any risk of blockage while considerably limiting friction with a comfort of use similar to a ball bearing system.

Already adopted by a large number of reduced crews looking for an efficient, robust and economical system, it will meet all your expectations.

In preparation for the next season, don’t wait any longer and ask for a quote from your usual preparer, rigger or master sailboat.

More technical information on https://www.nautex-international.com/rail-de-grand-voile.html

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