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The tacker

Designed by offshore racer Etienne Giroire, the tack tackle in English, manufactured by ATN in the United States and distributed by NAUTEX in France, allows the symmetrical spinnaker to be sent without outrigger.

By sliding on the rolled up front sail, the tack skid keeps the spinnaker luff in the center line of the boat, the height being adjusted with the tiller.

A quick shackle frees the listening point completely and allows the spinnaker to be safely behind the mainsail.

Very widespread in the USA, this equipment makes it possible to use the “conventional” spinnaker as an asymmetrical one: outrigger finish, balancine and spinnaker arm…

The tack skate is useful from small to large, from 60 ° to 150 ° in the wind, depending on the sail of course.