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The ingenious system of the tacker

Easy to use, the tacker is installed around the wrapped head sail and allows direct attachment of the tack of the asymmetric spinnaker.
It consists of a plastic part made of unbreakable polyethylene, a textile strap ending with a carabiner on one side and a shackle on the other.
The plastic part will slide on the rolled up front sail, the carabiner will open the strap and pass the tack on around the sail. The shackle attaches to the tack point of the spinnaker.
The bottom hale allowing to adjust the height of the tack from below is also fixed in the ring of the fast shackle, this will allow to easily release the tack of the spinnaker during the lowering and to adjust the height of the latter (the closer we are to the tail wind, the more we raise the tack).
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