The bushing bearing block by Ubi Maior

UBIMaior by Nautex

UBI Maior has for years been a pioneer in 3D printing manufacturing for marine equipment to optimize design and production.

The success of the X3M bushing bearing block lies not only in its geometry but also in the judicious choice of materials to maximize performance with minimal weight.

The body is made from technopolymer with very high bending and tensile strength, particularly high rigidity and hardness.

The central hub where the bearing ring is located uses an innovative DLC-type carbon coating.

The Dyneema loop covered with unidirectional fibers acts on an aluminum alloy anodized with silver ions to prevent corrosion while reducing friction.

The other components of the openable pulley are the Velcro strap containing the buckle and the captive titanium T-bone which holds the side cheeks in place.

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