The sailtrack Tides Marine is unanimous, especially on the port of Minimes in La Rochelle with owners of sailboats like Jean-Luc Boisseau who installed the system himself on his RM 9.50 m 10 years ago :

“The installation was easy, lasts very well with no maintenance, and the most compared to conventional trolleys is that we cannot lose balls since they are all made of stainless steel. Their small size induces a lower stacking when the sail is lowered , it is much easier to reach the halyard !

The fact that it is manufactured in one piece, any risk of blocking the slides is eliminated.

In addition, the material used in its construction is a polyethylene PTFE for an incomparable glide without friction: hoisting the mainsail becomes very easy and the lowering is instantaneous as soon as the halyard is shocked. “

Do not wait any longer, find out and order yours from your sailmaker or rigger.

Tides Marine sailtrack

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