Roller bearing blocks RT

Poulies RT by Nautex

Ubi Maior offers 3 types of roller bearing blocks: RT Regata in Low load or High load (aluminum cheeks / Delrin balls and Torlon rollers), RT Ultra textile attachments (aluminum cheeks / Delrin balls and Torlon rollers), RT Eve attachments textile (aluminum cheeks / Torlon balls titanium rollers).

RT roller bearing blocks can withstand very heavy loads while maintaining low friction thanks to the excellent efficiency of the double ball cage and integrated rollers.

They are made with an alloy of aluminum and titanium (EVE models) guaranteeing strength and longevity that exceeds all expectations.

Distributed by Nautex, these blocks, available in diameter from 40 to 150 mm, are the result of more than 30 years of development.

Roller bearing blocks RT

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