Carbon tubes

Roll-Wrapping technology is used to make the Carbon Fibre tubes that we supply. It is a male-moulding process which means that material is laid up around a mandrel.

The material is pre-impregnated with Epoxy resin so the exact ratio of fibre/resin is guaranteed. Material is added in layers (Carbon, glass, Kevlar, or combinations of) and can be added with fibres in varying directions to achieve the required structural properties and physical dimensions.

Once the material is correctly laid up a heat-shrink wrap is applied to the tube and it is placed in an autoclave or oven for the resin to cure.

The heat-shrink wraps contracts and the pressure on the tube helps cure the resin and ensure that it is evenly distributed throughout the tube.

We offer tailor-made tubes to the application:
Tube of constant thickness or tube variable thickness
Tube with Inside diameter 10mm to 160mm
• Conical Tube
Tube with insert
Sleeved Tube
Tube Carbon / Kevlar
Tube design and color
Windsurfing mast tube

Several possible finishes: varnish, Painted, Satin or Power grip.

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