Quick installation of Tides Marine sailtrack

Tides sailtrack by Nautex

The installation of the Tides Marine sailtrack is very simple. Indeed, once the rail has been cut to size (a measuring system with floppy disks is provided to avoid any errors), simply slide it into the existing rail of your mast, so it is not necessary to dismast or climb the mast. You just have to push the rail from below, just above the gooseneck.

Then, we replace the old plastic slides of the mainsail with new ones in stainless steel. No need for sewing, the axis which opens on the new ones allows an installation without material. And here you are ready to set out again at sea. An inexperienced person who will have to read the manual so as not to make a mistake will take about 2 hours for a complete installation.


Tides Marine sailtrack

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