Opt for white composite steering wheels !

Barre composite by Nautex

Design and trendy, the white fiberglass composite steering wheels are currently a hit ! Manufactured like carbon steering wheels, in a single piece without gluing and with an almost similar weight, they are available in diameters from 700 to 1800 mm. Compared to the standard stainless steel wheel bars, the wheel handling is much better and much more pleasant thanks to the shape and the larger bar section. The weight of the composite wheel, which is 2 to 3 times less compared to stainless steel, induces less inertia of the bar system when the autopilot is in operation: the latter with the batteries will tire all the less, especially since today all production boats are with 2 bars. In addition, the grip is excellent, no need for leather to have a pleasant touch!

Fiberglass steering wheels

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