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A few years back, we purchased a used sailboat and quickly discovered the head sail “sacrificial edge” was failing. At the end season I had the edge cloth replaced after researching new sail prices, what a mistake that was! They used the wrong fabric, totally screwed up the characteristics of the sail! After that season I removed everything that was added, and replaced it with lightweight fabric. The sail’s characteristics are back to normal, and I wanted to protect it from the Sun and elements.

I found a ATN jib cover online and liked it’s drawstring idea. The little sail bag it comes with is handy. It quickly lifts, doesn’t tangle and is a breeze to secure. Last Summer we had some 70MPH gusts w/ 40 MPH sustained winds. Several of the boats lost their headsails while tied up to the docks…. Not us though! We even had a couple inches of hail, Just blasted the whole place! interiors in boats were shredded… Our jib sock kept us safe and ready to sail! I particularly like the plastic clip at the top, to keep the load off the zipper while hoisting.

Last year we even noticed another ATN jib cover on a neighbor’s boat… Your product is catching on!!! Thanks for a superior product.

Genoa sleeve

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