PVC gangways

Optima gangways are made from thermoformed PVC sheets, using the new technology FPT (Foiled Polyurethane Technology), a novelty in the nautical industry.

They are reinforced by an aluminum structure and inserts.

Benefits of the Optima gangway :
Folding for ease of use and storage
Low weight
Floating gangway
Ergonomic shape
Non-slip surface
Prepared for use with a spreader
Customization possible
Very good price

Standard hardware of the Optima gangway:
Anodized aluminum anodized standard 25 mm
A white aluminum support with plastic ring
Two machined aluminum hinges, anodized, glued and screwed
Two wheels of excellent quality and abrasion resistant
Stainless steel castors with rings for rudder mounting
The surface of the bridge is covered with a light gray slip-resistant
Colors white, dark blue or Sky with the choice in standard gangway 

Customization and Options
The name of the boat in print on the anti-slip
Stainless steel support
Stainless steel ratchet trapeze
Storage bag

Technical data
Length : 220 cm
Width : 35 cm
Weight : 12 kg
Load : 150 kg
Color:  white, dark blue or sky
Length of the folded bridge : 110 cm
Thickness of the folded bridge : 15 cm

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