Fiberglass steering wheels

 The performance of the carbon at a fraction of the cost

The fiberglass composite wheels are manufactured as per Carbon composite wheel, one-piece part without joining, resulting in a highly resistant structure.

The anodized aluminum hub is integrated in the mold.

The only difference is that the wheel is made of fiberglass composite with an aluminum hub, a weight close to the carbon version but one third of the price.

The fiberglass epoxy composite rods have a great advantage over the stainless steel steering wheels found on all standard boats : the weight, which is 2 to 3 times less than a stainless steel steering wheel, has resulted in a lesser inertia of the steering system when the autopilot is in operation.

With 2 steering wheels the concept of inertia is very important because depending on the sea the pilot will run in jerks and will therefore suffer the inertia of the system of bar which the heavier it is the more fatigue the pilot.

A much better and much more comfortable handling of the steering wheel due to the shape and diameter of the bigger hoop circle.

No need for leather to have a pleasant feel (which is no longer when it is wet).

Choice of the color of the bar that harmonizes with that of the boat.

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