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Efficiency of the tides marine mainsail track

Since it was introduced to the market over 25 years ago by Tides Marine in the USA, this system has proved its worth, with thousands of units installed around the world.

What sets this track apart from its competitors is that it is machined from a single piece of flexible, high-friction PTFE that fits into the groove of your mast from the deck, without the need to climb the spar.

Supplied with a set of stainless steel slides, it requires no maintenance. It adapts to all types of sails (full-batten or semi-battened) by bringing them closer to the mast for better performance and does not alter the boat’s centre of gravity with its weight of 500 g/m.

As well as being easy to install and maintain, this one-piece track eliminates any risk of the slides jamming, while considerably reducing friction and providing a level of comfort similar to that of a ball-bearing system.

Already adopted by a large number of small-crew owners looking for an efficient, robust and economical system, it will meet all your expectations.

To prepare for the next season, don’t wait any longer and ask for a quote from your usual préparateur, rigger or master sailmaker.