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The Mainfurl in-boom furler on a First 53

A Mainfurl in-boom furler has been installed on board a First 53 to the delight of its owners, who can operate it from the cockpit, making handling safe and easy.

At the cutting edge of technology, it comes with a high-quality fibreglass body, a very durable and lightweight material that guarantees very high resistance.

More details: https://www.nautex-international.com/bome-enrouleur/mainfurl.html

Fiberglass or carbon gangway

We offer a wide range of gangways, from 2.3 to 3.2 metres in length, in composite fibreglass or carbon.

Our footbridges are manufactured to the highest quality, with top-of-the-range accessories to ensure longevity and aesthetic appeal.

For more information, visit https://www.nautex-international.com/passerelle.html


100% satisfied customers

Now it’s time to go sailing, our customers have been delivered and are more than satisfied!

Perfect for refitting a boat or fitting out a new yacht, fibreglass composite steering wheels have a number of advantages over the carbon version compared with the stainless steel steering wheels found on production boats:

  • A much better and more comfortable grip on the helm, thanks to the larger shape and cross-section of the helm
  • Excellent grip, no need for leather for a pleasant feel
  • Less inertia, no oxidation, no maintenance
  • The performance of carbon at a fraction of the cost
  • Choice of helm colour to match that of the boat
  • A complete range: diameter 700 to 1700

4 different models: Elegant Y, Sport Y, 3-spoke, 5-spoke

For more information: https://www.nautex-international.com/contact.html

Ubli Maior deck fittings

The fittings offered by Ubli Maior reflect more than 30 years of development.

This equipment is capable of withstanding heavy loads while maintaining low friction.

Functional and constructive quality, performance, reliability and durability are the watchwords.

For more information, visit https://www.nautex-international.com/produits-ubi-maior.html

Mainfurl in-boom furling system on Dufour 61

Delivery and installation of the MAINFURL in-boom furler on board a Dufour 61 at the Bassin des Chalutiers in La Rochelle.

It is designed to fit all masts without drilling, and can be supplied with a unique in-boom furling system, either in a manual version with an endless line, or in an electric version with a Reckmann motor integrated into the mandrel and safely regulated by a control panel.

Developed, built and perfected over more than 20 years in fibreglass or carbon fibre composite, in the colour of your choice, it is at the cutting edge of technology with an innovative and intelligent winding system.

MAINFURL’s extensive knowledge and experience of these materials is your guarantee of a product of the highest quality.


Refit with fibreglass wheel on Bénéteau Sense

A change of steering wheel on this Bénéteau Sense yacht with a white fibreglass composite model which is more in keeping with the boat.
The weight is 2 to 3 times less than with the standard stainless steel wheel steering system, which results in less inertia of the steering system when the autopilot is in use, especially as all standard boats nowadays have 2 steering wheels. Depending on the sea conditions, the pilot will operate in a jerky manner and will therefore suffer from the inertia of the steering system, the lighter the bars, the less the pilot will tire.
The grip of the tiller is much better and much more pleasant due to the shape and the larger tiller section (excellent grip, no need for leather to have a pleasant feel).
Available in 4 different models: Y Elegant, Y Sport, 3-spoke, 5-spoke.
More information on https://www.nautex-international.com/barres-a-roue.html

The Tides Marines mainsail track approved

“I decided to install a Tides Marine SailTrack system for my mainsail, based on the very positive feedback I’d received on the internet.

This polypropylene track slides very easily into the groove of your mast where stainless steel sliders move.

The difference is astonishing: hoisting and lowering the sail becomes ultra-easy!

Marc S.

For more information: https://www.nautex-international.com/greement/rail-de-grand-voile.html


This aerodynamic teardrop shaped flagpole is designed to fit sail and powerboats of all styles and sizes.

The flagpole is available in 2 sizes: 1m and 1.2m.

More information on https://www.nautex-international.com/en/steering-wheels/flagpole.html


Find our new range of motorboat steering wheels:

– 365 mm diameter
– Elliptical rim for better ergonomics
– Custom colour options (RAL based)
– Black and silver anodised hub
– Carbon hub cover (custom logo available)
– Hub compatible with modern steering systems

All Power Boat steering wheels are available in carbon or fibreglass composite construction, reducing weight and providing new visual and design possibilities.

For any other customisation options you may require, please do not hesitate to contact our team!

Steering wheels

Nautex International, the fine grocery shop of boating

For more than 15 years, Nautex International has been distributing quality nautical equipment such as steering wheels, gangways, spinnaker socks, furling booms, mainsail tracks, spinnaker pole ends, blocks, furlers, etc.

Find all the information on https://www.nautex-international.com

Ubi Maior blocks on board a J125

Freshly installed on board the J125 Nereid, Ubi Maior’s RT pulleys can handle very heavy loads while maintaining low friction thanks to the excellent performance of the double ball cage and integrated rollers.

They are made of an aluminium and titanium alloy that guarantees a strength and durability that exceeds all expectations.

Distributed by Nautex, these pulleys are available in diameters from 40 to 150 mm and are the result of more than 30 years of evolution.

More information on https://www.nautex-international.com/produits-ubi-maior.html


Fiberglass wheel on Dehler 42

The Carbonautica fibreglass composite wheel is very well made and has a very good grip on a Dehler 42, “The grip is perfect” says its owner.

Made like a carbon wheel, in one piece without gluing, the monocoque structure is very resistant. The difference is that the fibreglass composite wheel is much cheaper than the carbon version.

More information on https://www.nautex-international.com/barres-a-roue.html

Installing a Mainfurl boom on an X-4.9

Installation of a MAINFURL in-boom furler in La Trinité sur Mer on board an X-4.9 to the delight of its owner. The MAINFURL in-boom furler is designed to fit both new boats and refit boats. Whether manual or electric, you operate it from the cockpit, making handling safe and easy.


An adapted gangway

With a wide choice of materials (composite, TPC or carbon) and options (folding, handrail, name of the boat printed on the anti-skid, etc.), Nautex gangways are ideal for both sailboats and motorboats and can be adapted to a wide range of situations, such as with this speedboat and its tender.



Launch of the new website

We are proud to announce the launch of our redesigned website.

It is now online and can be found at the same address: https://www.nautex-international.com

The new site has been designed to be faster than ever, easier to navigate, more secure and more user friendly.

We welcome visitors, our current and potential customers, who will find up-to-date and detailed information on the many innovative and quality marine products we offer.