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An adapted gangway

Customise your gangway!

Non-slip grey with a choice of designs as standard, finished with a white paint to ensure long-term protection of the carbon fibres against UV rays, but it can also be produced in any RAL colour shade, with a logo and the name of your boat screen-printed on it.

You can choose the size, add teak cladding, stanchions with handrails, or opt for the Smart Lock locking system.

The castors are heavy-duty, with stainless steel rings for fixing the integrated pantry, and the lyre is made of anodized aluminium.




The Grand Pavois 2023, a must-attend boat show with almost 800 brands and 750 boats, including 300 afloat, will be held from 20 to 25 September in the Port des Minimes.

The Nautex team is available by appointment to provide information and advice on equipping your boat with steering wheels, gangways, deck fittings, spinnaker socks, mainsail tracks and furling booms!



The Cannes Yachting Festival, Europe’s largest in-water boat show, will be bringing together the leading players in the yachting industry from 12 to 17 September to preview their new products.

Meet the Nautex International team on stand Sail143 for all the information you need on fibreglass and carbon steering wheels and gangways, the Tides Marine mainsail track, the Mainfurl in-boom furler, ATN equipment and Ubi Maior deck fittings.

Steering wheel reference

Since its foundation in 1998 , Carbonautica has produced specialist carbon and GFC parts for applications as diverse as professional racing bicycles, rotors for radiocontrolled helicopters and marine steering wheels.

The steering wheel that has captured the hearts of countless boating enthusiasts worldwide. Its timeless design and exceptional functionality make it the go-to choice for many seasoned sailors.



Join the Nautex team at the Cannes Boat Show from 12 to 17 September 2023 for a presentation of CARBONAUTICA steering wheel and flagstaff products, the MAINFURL in-boom furler, carbon/fibreglass composite gangways, ATN products such as spinnaker socks and genoa covers, as well as the UBI MAIOR range of deck fittings.

See you at Port Canto stand SAIL 143!


Ubi Maior ball bearing blocks

Designed for all types of cruising yachts, the YC pulleys manufactured by Ubi Maior and distributed by Nautex meet the highest standards of design, strength and versatility.

Each component is manufactured by machining and no structural parts are cast or moulded, guaranteeing outstanding load capacity and longevity.

Available in diameters from 40 mm upwards, these ball-bearing blocks can be fitted with a choice of traditional mechanical connection (shackle) or textile connection (dyneema).

UBI MAIOR deck fittings

The Jiber reel from Ubi Maior

The Jiber furling system manufactured by Ubi Maior and distributed by Nautex is remarkable in several respects.

The sail can be attached to the forestay using 2 systems: small straps with a T-bone, or a zipped sleeve. In both cases, the jib can be put in and taken out much more quickly than with conventional furling systems.

Not having aluminium elements around the forestay means we save over 30kg compared to the conventional system, which may not seem like much but those kilos count for a lot, especially when they’re up top!

An added benefit is better upwind performance thanks to reduced drag and drift near the leading edge of the jib, allowing the boat to make more headway and sail faster.

As well as being able to adjust the halyard tension at any time, the Jiber’s small dimensions allow larger sails to be used with one reef.

No need to choose between the performance of a tuff-luff or the ease of a furler, here you have the benefits of both in a single system.


A custom helm for your boat

Following the example of this Elan E4 owner based in La Rochelle, you can request a fully customised steering wheel in terms of shape, colour, material and diameter.

All you have to do is provide us with the desired RAL for the colour, choose one of the many possible shapes, opt for fibreglass composite or carbon, and select the right size from the many possibilities.

For more information: https://www.nautex-international.com/barres-a-roue/barre-a-roue-custom.html

Nautex at your service all summer long

The entire Nautex team will be on deck this summer, ready to help you with all your nautical equipment needs.

Don’t hesitate to contact us: https://www.nautex-international.com/contact.html

The Mainfurl in-boom furler on a First 53

A Mainfurl in-boom furler has been installed on board a First 53 to the delight of its owners, who can operate it from the cockpit, making handling safe and easy.

At the cutting edge of technology, it comes with a high-quality fibreglass body, a very durable and lightweight material that guarantees very high resistance.

More details: https://www.nautex-international.com/bome-enrouleur/mainfurl.html

Fiberglass or carbon gangway

We offer a wide range of gangways, from 2.3 to 3.2 metres in length, in composite fibreglass or carbon.

Our footbridges are manufactured to the highest quality, with top-of-the-range accessories to ensure longevity and aesthetic appeal.

For more information, visit https://www.nautex-international.com/passerelle.html


100% satisfied customers

Now it’s time to go sailing, our customers have been delivered and are more than satisfied!

Perfect for refitting a boat or fitting out a new yacht, fibreglass composite steering wheels have a number of advantages over the carbon version compared with the stainless steel steering wheels found on production boats:

  • A much better and more comfortable grip on the helm, thanks to the larger shape and cross-section of the helm
  • Excellent grip, no need for leather for a pleasant feel
  • Less inertia, no oxidation, no maintenance
  • The performance of carbon at a fraction of the cost
  • Choice of helm colour to match that of the boat
  • A complete range: diameter 700 to 1700

4 different models: Elegant Y, Sport Y, 3-spoke, 5-spoke

For more information: https://www.nautex-international.com/contact.html

Ubli Maior deck fittings

The fittings offered by Ubli Maior reflect more than 30 years of development.

This equipment is capable of withstanding heavy loads while maintaining low friction.

Functional and constructive quality, performance, reliability and durability are the watchwords.

For more information, visit https://www.nautex-international.com/produits-ubi-maior.html

Mainfurl in-boom furling system on Dufour 61

Delivery and installation of the MAINFURL in-boom furler on board a Dufour 61 at the Bassin des Chalutiers in La Rochelle.

It is designed to fit all masts without drilling, and can be supplied with a unique in-boom furling system, either in a manual version with an endless line, or in an electric version with a Reckmann motor integrated into the mandrel and safely regulated by a control panel.

Developed, built and perfected over more than 20 years in fibreglass or carbon fibre composite, in the colour of your choice, it is at the cutting edge of technology with an innovative and intelligent winding system.

MAINFURL’s extensive knowledge and experience of these materials is your guarantee of a product of the highest quality.


Refit with fibreglass wheel on Bénéteau Sense

A change of steering wheel on this Bénéteau Sense yacht with a white fibreglass composite model which is more in keeping with the boat.
The weight is 2 to 3 times less than with the standard stainless steel wheel steering system, which results in less inertia of the steering system when the autopilot is in use, especially as all standard boats nowadays have 2 steering wheels. Depending on the sea conditions, the pilot will operate in a jerky manner and will therefore suffer from the inertia of the steering system, the lighter the bars, the less the pilot will tire.
The grip of the tiller is much better and much more pleasant due to the shape and the larger tiller section (excellent grip, no need for leather to have a pleasant feel).
Available in 4 different models: Y Elegant, Y Sport, 3-spoke, 5-spoke.
More information on https://www.nautex-international.com/barres-a-roue.html