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Leisure Furl ™ furling booms are designed specifically with three different models for sailboats from 8 to 22 meters ensuring that each one is perfectly suited to each boat.

• The Coastal ™ and Coastal plus model for sailboats from 8 to 11 meters

• The Offshore ™ model for sailboats from 10 to 22 meters

• The new Passagemaker ™ model for sailboats from 12 to 16 meters

The new Passagemaker ™ model brings even more elegance with the furling drum integrated into the boom while maintaining the unique design of the Leisure Furl ™ system.

This unique design offers 3 separate load points with the mainsail and boom forces distributed mainly over the chuck and the driveshaft passing through the mast, the loads from the mainsheet and the vang. stockings being picked up by the vit-de-mule.

In addition, the system retains the integrated manual control (Back up) in the event of a breakage of the halyard or the furling line, this allows furling from the mast with a winch handle. The internal system of REEF-LOK ™ allows the boom to be locked in the reduced sail position by removing the load on the furling line.

The Leisure Furl ™ boom offers easy and safe navigation by taking the stress out of reefing: no more slouching, furling and leaving the safety of the cockpit to handle the sail. Simply roll up and unfurl the mainsail safely from the cockpit using the furling line.

The Leisure Furl ™ boom is easy to use because hoisting, furling or lowering the mainsail is a one-person operation. The mainsail reduction is limitless because each batten position is a reef.

The Leisure Furl ™ system also eliminates the need for lazy-bags and sending a crew to the mast foot in inclement weather.

Each boom is necked at the end to give a nice line and save weight.

The sail winds cleanly in the boom being UV protected by an integrated sand-colored awning.

On the performance side, unlike other furling mainsail systems, Leisure Furl ™ accepts sails with more volume to improve performance in light winds.

In addition, the Leisure Furl ™ system requires the use of a Full-Batten mainsail which will give shape and power to equalize or even improve the performance of your old sail.

This is an excellent solution for multihull mainsails as Leisure Furl ™ accepts sails with high leech as opposed to negative leech from furling mainsails.

Get complete control of rim trough and luff tension without the need for a cunningham or edging bump using REEF-LOK ™ on Offshore ™ models and the new Passagemaker ™ model

With over 20 years of experience and over 4,000 installed booms that sail ocean trips around the world in all conditions, the Leisure Furl ™ Furling Boom combines proven reliability, sturdiness and elegance: Leisure Furl ™ is the choice of offshore navigator.

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