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Since more than 15 years, Nautex International is distributing High quality boat equipment , such as CARBONAUTICA composite wheel steering, GS composite gangways, FORESPAR spinnaker pole ends, MAINFURL furling booms, TIDES MARINE mainsail tracks, ATN products and UBI deck fittings. MAIOR.

Featured products
Bushing bearing blocks
Ubi Maior's X3M opening blocks offer an excellent load-to-dimension-to-weight ratio.
The FR Furlers for headsails (code zero, gennaker,...) proposed by Ubi Maior are also unique patented systems that are extremely reliable and functional.
Fiberglass gangway
The Composite Fiberglass gangways are manufactured with high-end composite materials and reinforced carbon.
Jib furlers
JIBER is a structural jib or genoa furler that works without the usual aluminum extruded foils.
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The fiberglass gangway

Fiberglass gangways are made using monocoque technology with high-end honeycomb sandwich materials with carbon reinforcements.

White gel-coat finish ensures long-term protection.

  • Lightweight, floating walkway
  • Foldable for easy use and storage
  • 2 types of anti-slip surface: molded White (gel-coat) or Deckline (elastomer coating for flexible anti-slip surfaces on boat decks)
  • Locking system in rigid position
  • Protection of underside of gangway on quayside
  • Stainless steel rings for spreader bar mounting
  • Anodized aluminum hinges
  • UV-resistant castors

Standard equipment :

  • Single Ø 25 mm aluminum bowser with stainless steel deck support

The carbon version, with its many possible options, offers a wide range of customization options to make your gangway unique.

Further information: https: //www.nautex-international.com/contact.html


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Ubi Maior furler and jiber

The JB Jibers FR Furlers for headsails (code zero, gennaker,…) offered by Ubi Maior are unique patented systems that are extremely reliable and functional.

For jib furlers, the sail can be attached to the forestay using 2 systems: small straps with a T-bone, or a zipped sleeve. In both cases, the jib can be put in and taken out much more quickly than with conventional furling systems.

There’s no need to choose between the performance of a hollow forestay or the ease of a furling system, you get the benefits of both in one system.

Furlers, meanwhile, are ideally suited to dinghies and sailboats of all sizes, with the drum and head machined from a single piece of aluminium containing cylindrical roller bearings ideal for this application.

More details: https://www.nautex-international.com/contact.html

Easy installation of the Tides Marine track

The Tides Marine mainsail track simply slips into the groove of your mast from the deck, with no need to dismast or climb the mast.

Supplied with a set of stainless steel slides, it requires no maintenance.

As well as being easy to install and maintain, this one-piece track eliminates any risk of the slides jamming, while considerably reducing friction.

For more information: https://www.nautex-international.com/contact.html

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